Premium Meals Sponsorship

Chris Buck is thrilled to announce his signing of a recording artist sponsorship deal with Premium Meals and that this is the first of its kind with this new company launching this month in BC! The goal is to create awareness surrounding healthy food choices and providing Chris with nourishing meals to fuel his body & mind at home and on the road.

Premium Meals is dedicated to providing the best value of fresh, high-quality, and nutritious meals catered to your lifestyle or goals. They ensure top quality customer service and flavours that fuse tasty elements from a vast variety of cultures in Vancouver. Premium Meals services include a full-service catering menu, seniors menu, children’s menu, and Danielle’s Premium Signature Custom Meals menu.

Premium Meals is founded by Danielle de Belen a Canadian Nationals Women’s Figure champion and Matthew Tsinkorang a two-time Canadian Nationals Bodybuilding & Classic Physique champion. Both athletes have been involved in the fitness community for over 15 years.

Join them and follow the journey as they lead up to their Premium Meals website Grand Opening launch date on March 15th, 2019!